The Next Generation of
Information Management
Lx:G - the base technology for your Enterprise Database Solution.
Powerful. Fast. Easy. Intuitive. Expandable.
For Web. For Windows. For Smart Devices. For You.
Intuitive Interface
You will immediately feel yourself good in the interface - it’s intuitively useable and adapts to your requirements. The Data Desktop, our data front-end for Windows, integrates itself perfectly into the Windows Desktop. The web interface uses latest technologies to grant maximal productivity.
List and data record editing windows allow both an efficient mass processing and a comfortable edit of a single data record.
Open Infrastructure
Lx:G follows an open orientation in various ways: Access the information with existing tools like Excel, Access, with data analyzing systems or with own tools. Or extend your applications with the open, documented plug-in architecture.
Lx:G is no island - quite the contrary. Lx:G offers a linked infrastructure. Due to the standard interfaces (XML, Binary, SOAP, ERP, ...) or the direct live-access via OData, ODBC, ADO.NET, etc. your Lx:G application adapts perfectly to your existing IT-infrastructure.
Lx:G has a .NET-API (programming interface) that allows direct data access, enhancements of the user interface and even dynamic adjustments of the data structure. An own script-language offers a dynamic infrastructure to program and execute scripts. GQL is an own data-query language leaned on SQL that grants you 'High-Level-access' to all information.
You expect a system that grows with your requirements. And because IT-projects become larger and more complex over time, the database technology has to grow with them. Lx:G is highly scalable, supports all versions of the underlying SQL Server - from the free Express Edition up to the Enterprise Edition. Lx:G uses among others the special features of the Enterprise Edition like optimized compression to offer you a maximum of performance.
Garbo Data Analysis
Garbo - the Gauss Analysis Reporting Business Objects - offer a high performant In-Memory Data Analysis. For example analyze the quality of your data by defined metrics like link density and create reports and To Do-lists automatically.
To the scope of Lx:G belongs a collection of tools, e.g. for automated date import and export, for support of administrative tasks and for the simplification of programming tasks.
Expandability and Flexibility
You can alter the data structure yourself as you like. The schematic editor supports you with its easy-to-use interface, where you can easily add fields or whole tables which are immediately available.
With appropriate permission a user is even allowed to generate his own 'private' fields to enter temporary data or to meet ad-hoc requirements.
Optimized for Large Data Volume
What awaits you while using Lx:G is a system that from the start on is designed for large data volume awaits you. Through dynamic live data access and special highly optimized access routines waiting periods like you know them from other systems belong to the past.
High-Level Data Modelling
In Lx:G the data model is clearly structured. The data is managed in an object-relational way. The relations between data records are displayed due to so-called links instead of complex relationships. The Lx:G-'High-Level-Modeling' offers among other things multilingual data fields.
Media Management
Pictures, text-documents and other multimedia content can be managed directly in Lx:G since it is a component of Lx:G. This includes e.g. an optimized, high-performance document storage and an automated generation of thumbnails.
Maximum Security
The role-based granular security infrastructure of Lx:G allows not only to control access down to field level but also on single object level. The modular structure allows e.g. the user login with active directory.
Performance Optimized Technologies
The focus of Lx:G mainly lays on performance. For this reason we use up-to-date and high-performance technologies like dynamic compilation, .NET-CLR-Trigger, dynamic programming languages and a static runtime type system.
Proven in Practice
Whether a simple fleet management system, customer information system, database-centered web-applications or a highly complex product information management system - Lx:G has been proven in practice to be more than up to the tasks.